Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
In Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 finale Stevie J asks Mimi Faust and her daughter Eva to move with him to Los Angeles VH1

In the finale episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 4, Stevie J took a surprising step by asking his former girlfriend Mimi Faust to move in with him to Los Angeles along with her daughter Eva.

"My life is on track," the 43-year-old record producer told Faust adding, "I want to be nice to all my family, I want all my family around. So would you consider bringing you and baby."

The reality TV star, however, was not very enthusiastic to Stevie's proposal while expressing her views to the VH1 camera.

"Moving to LA will be great for MF management and will be awesome for Eva to be close to her father. But what am not going to do is to deal with Stevie and Joseline on a daily basis. That is not a great selling point for me."

The American song writer's sudden interest towards his baby's mother will definitely irk his wife Joseline Hernandez, who is already jealous of Faust as she fears her married life is falling apart.

The Puerto Rican princess ended her friendship with Karlie after she became suspicious about Stevie and Faust's reunion.

Hernandez shouts back at her BFF during their heated conversation and says: "You know, Karlie, I really been your friend for a while but you starting to piss me off. You starting to get real fake."

In the prefinal episode, the 28-year-old rapper becomes jealous when she learns that Stevie is working with Faust's client Tiffany Foxx.