Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
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We saw Mimi Faust and Margeaux in a massive showdown in episode 10 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 4. Nikko Smith's wife attacked the mother-of-one during an indoor picnic arranged by Ariane Davis, who was aiming at cooling down the constant tension between the two reality TV stars.

However, her plans went wrong when Margeaux again raised the 2014 sex tape leak issue and attacked Faust verbally and said, "I never had any issues with Mimi, I was dragged into something that didn't even do."

"You know how frustrating it is to be known as the secret wife of Nikko who did a sex tape with another woman," she added.

Faust, who has a daughter with former boyfriend Stevie J, kept her cool during the argument, but eventually lost it and asked Nikko's wife to stop being angry. She told Margeaux, "You seem a little psycho to me."

The discussion among the ladies got more problematic when the latest star of the show told Mimi, "I just don't have any respect for you! You're a loser."

With so much happening at the picnic, it will be interesting to see how things will pan out when the popular VH1 show returns with the episode next Monday.

In episode 11, we may get to see Joseline Hernandez and Jessica Dime take on each other at the recording studio and matters may get ugly when Hernandez starts throwing money at Dime.

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