sunny leone
Sunny Leone made her controversial 2012 Bollywood debut in the film "Jism 2" which has caused a stir in the region, along with negative reviews from critics. facebook

Big Boss controversial star "'Sunny Leone" just cannot stay away from spotlight. According to reports, she is learning to speak Hindi. Sunny, who has been selected for Mahesh Bhatt's Jism 2, is preparing to speak the language.

"I believe it is my birth right to speak Hindi and Punjabi... it's who I am. Indian and proud and 'Jism 2' is giving me my big break in movies, so thankful," tweeted Sunny. Mahesh Bhatt appeared as celebrity judge in one of the episodes of Big Boss 5 and after seeing her performance, gave her the lead female role in his upcoming flick Jism 2.

Sunny is an Indo-Canadian porn star who hit the headlines because of many controversies in the reality show "Big Boss 5".

"People around me probably think I'm crazy. Repeating what I hear out loud in Hindi... Haha whatever! Anything for Jism 2," Sunny added.