Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Car Washes Cause Malfunctions, Raising Quality Concerns Pexels

Touted for its bulletproof exoskeleton, the Tesla Cybertruck seems to have a surprising weakness: Car washes. Several Cybertruck owners have reported their vehicles malfunctioning after a car wash.

A Tesla Cybertruck owner with barely 3,400 miles on the odometer reported a surprising breakdown after a car wash, just two months after purchasing the £64365.60 ($80,000) truck. The Independent reported the incident after the owner washed the sand off the vehicle following a trip to the beach.

On TikTok, user @captain.ad posted a video showing their malfunctioning Cybertruck. They reported being unable to restart the vehicle after attempting a reset. Responding with humour, commenters called the Cybertruck a "tin can," "lemon" and "paperweight."

One remarked that while the truck may be bulletproof, car washes seem more of a problem. The Cybertruck eventually regained functionality after a five-hour computer reset initiated by a two-button sequence on the steering wheel.

"What [Tesla] said was, 'It is a known issue in the Cybertruck that when you do a screen reset, instead of resetting in the standard two minutes, it takes five hours'," @captain.ad said. "Hopefully, it gets addressed in a future software patch."

Early Hiccups For The Tesla Cybertruck

Beyond the car wash issues, Tesla's Cybertruck has attracted criticism for other performance concerns. For example, a Texas-based Cybertruck owner named Elai shared a TikTok video showcasing a detached accelerator pedal cover that became jammed under the floor mat.

According to a recall report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an unapproved lubricant used during the Cybertruck assembly resulted in the accelerator pedal detaching and becoming trapped above the pedal by the trim.

This manufacturing error has prompted Tesla's largest recall to date, with all 3,878 Cybertruck owners needing to bring their vehicles in for service. As with many recent headlines, reactions likely hinge on whether you're a staunch Elon Musk supporter or not.

Supporters may downplay the issue, emphasising that no accidents or injuries have been reported. Tesla has offered a solution, though it did take 20 days to resolve after the initial customer complaint about the pedal.

Jokes Erupt as Quality Issues Mount

Prior to the Cybertruck's release, a whistleblower raised concerns about potential safety issues similar to those experienced with the Model S. The cause of the recall is attributed to an unauthorised lubricant used during assembly. This incident has drawn comparisons to a situation at Boeing, where improper materials were implicated in a recent aircraft issue.

Tesla's proactive approach to the faulty lubricant puts them in a better light than recent Boeing events. However, the recent news of the Cybertruck recall caused Tesla's stock price to fall to a one-year low on Wall Street last Friday, suggesting that not everyone shares this optimistic view.

Several reported quality issues with the Cybertruck, including the accelerator pedal cover, rust marks, trunk functionality, and car wash compatibility, have raised concerns among owners. Moreover, a reported incident of a warning message on the dashboard caused some confusion.

The Cybertruck's recent issues have understandably generated significant negative publicity for Tesla. This rundown reputation could potentially impact consumer perception of the brand and the truck's long-term success."

A widely circulated comment humorously suggested that owners might downplay any issues, but the owner in the video clarified the cost of their vehicle, noting he paid £98157.54 ($122,000) with extras. The Cybertruck jokes kept rolling on Musk-owned, X. A popular song by Tracy Chapman became the source of a humorous quip regarding the Cybertruck.