Tesla Cybertruck
A Cybertruck owner claims the pedal cover of the truck slid off, pushing the accelerator to full throttle. Pexels

The Tesla Cybertruck is in the spotlight again due to a reported issue that could cause the vehicle to accelerate rapidly. A Texas-based Cybertruck owner, Elai, took to TikTok to express his fear, calling the vehicle a "deathtrap."

In the video, he shared a gruelling experience where the accelerator pedal cover detached and jammed under the floor mat. This malfunction caused the truck to accelerate uncontrollably at full throttle. Underscoring the importance of staying calm in such emergencies, Elai noted that the malfunction could have led to a life-threatening situation.

Tesla's deliveries of the highly anticipated Cybertruck have been halted for a week due to a reported issue with the accelerator pedal. Unsurprisingly, this news comes as a blow to many potential owners who were eagerly awaiting their £72,000 ($90,000) electric truck.

Amid the lack of an official confirmation, Tesla influencer and X user Whole Mars Catalog revealed that the company has issued a temporary stop-sale order to address the problem.

Cybertruck Owner Shares Scary Video of Stuck Accelerator

In his video, posted on X, Elai recounted a terrifying incident. He described how he was driving just a couple of days ago when the pedal cover "slid up and wedged itself." He further noted that "based on the design of the floorboard, with this sliding up, it held the accelerator down 100 percent, full throttle."

Fortunately, Elai realised he could overpower the stuck accelerator by applying full pressure to the brake pedal. However, the situation remained critical – every time he briefly lifted his foot from the brake, the car would lurch forward again due to the stuck pedal.

"So I stopped the car, put it in the park, and got out. At first, I thought the pedal was broken, but nope. I realised that this was wedged down here," he said, showing a piece of fabric that juts out just behind the accelerator. Despite remaining calm and taking immediate action to stop the car, he said: "For someone that panics, this could be very dangerous."

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is aware of the reported Tesla Cybertruck's accelerator pedal issue. The NHTSA told DailyMail.com that it is in contact with Tesla to gather more information. However, there has yet to be an official recall.

Tesla's battery-powered truck has been catching flak for a while now. Some owners recently reported encountering rust spots on their vehicles after driving them through rain. This unexpected issue comes after earlier concerns regarding the truck.

A series of issues beyond the recent accelerator problem have plagued Tesla's Cybertruck. Owners have reported malfunctions like the stainless steel truck dying after a mile, unexpected hard-braking incidents, and early signs of rust. Last week, a Southern California owner even experienced a malfunction during their delivery day test drive.

"As we prepare the company for our next phase of growth, it is essential to look at every aspect of the company for cost reductions and increasing productivity," Musk wrote in a now-leaked internal email.

"There is nothing I hate more, but it must be done," he wrote, adding: "This will enable us to be lean, innovative and hungry for the next growth cycle." Meanwhile, Tesla's stock price woes haven't come to an end. The EV maker's share value dipped another 1.3 percent on Monday, following an earnings call that attributed this year's slowing sales to a lull "between two major growth waves."

This news sent stocks further down to 1.3 percent, adding to a year-to-date decline of 31 percent.