Rapid response to a gruesome scene in California after a crazed man drew a gun on fellow workers at a meat factory, killing two of them before turning the weapon on himself. Police in Fresno says Lawrence Jones opened fire at the Apple Valley Farms chicken processing facility - in front of 30 employees. He clocked on for his shift at 5am as per usual, but three hours later he flipped. Co-workers told police that Jones didn't seem to be his usual self when he arrived.

A 34-year-old was shot in the head and a 28-year-old in the neck: they were both found inside the building. A female worker - who was shot in the back and was discovered outside - is now said to be in a stable condition in hospital. Jones, who was 42, was found a gunshot to the head outside the factory too.

Officers say he was on parole and had a criminal past dating back to the 1990s. They still have no idea why he carried out the attack. Jones's home has been cordoned off and searches are being carried out there to see if there are any other victims.