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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Divorce Reuters

In what is popularly believed as the biggest celebrity news in the last 3 years, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split, revealed new dimensions to the church of Scientology methods and functioning. According to Scientologists, Tom Cruise is believed to have telepathic and telekinetic powers, the Daily Mail reported.

Cruise, a believer of the Church of Scientology for the last 30 years, is the most famous celebrity follower of the religion. He was introduced into the cult by his first wife Mimi Rogers, whose father Phil Spickler was a very devoted Scientologist.

An investigation conducted by Rolling Stone in 2006 had revealed that Cruise had reached an advanced level of Scientology and was known as an 'Operating Thetan' or an 'OT'. Janet Reitman, the author of the investigation, explained that OTs 'have total control over themselves and their environment. Also, the OTs advance towards a God-like state.

Nancy Meny, who worked at the celebrity centre of the Scientology division, claimed to Radar Online in an exclusive interview that Cruise was "kid-gloved" into the religion of Scientology.

"I knew some of the people who kid-gloved him into becoming a member. Everything was orchestrated and orientated. The level of manipulation is unbelievable, it is like the Truman Show," Nancy told.

According to Nancy, Cruise was paired purposefully with a war veteran who is also a Scientology believer, to bring him into the religion, when he was shooting for the "Fourth of July".

"Cruise has a problem reading so they don't have him doing the course on his own and paired him up one-on-one. He was matched with a wonderful, wonderful man who was a hero in Vietnam and was part of a group in the Tet Offensive held down by the Viet Cong. It was done on purpose, the manipulation is often unseen or unnoticed by the person being manipulated," Nancy disclosed.

Cruise divorced Mimi after three years of marriage and later married actress Nicole Kidman. According to Nancy, Cruise was constantly motivated to leave Nicole as she was not supportive of the Scientology beliefs. Adding to it, his divorce to Katie Holmes is also suspected to be because of difference in opinion over Scientology.