Everybody wants to look beautiful, particularly those whose livelihood depends on their glamour and sex appeal. Unfortunately, age has no such respect and bears no such consideration; stress takes its toll on your skin and when natural treatments fail, there is sometimes no option but to go artificial.

The procedure simply called Botox, even up until a few years ago, was considered infra dig - something that was not socially accepted. Today, however, it is as common as you'd like. There are hardly any celebrities who have not used it.

According to Botox Cosmetic, the procedure is a non-surgical, physician-administered treatment that can temporarily smooth wrinkles on your face by relaxing fatigued muscles.

Check out this list of five celebrities who have undergone the procedure and see if you can find out how well it has worked for them...

  • Nicole Kidman - The Australian actress remains wrinkle-free even at 43, leading to talk that despite having sworn she never used the procedure she was actually an enthusiastic advocate. In fact, a report in the Daily Mail, in 2008, quoted one expert as saying the Oscar winning actress was so "over-Botoxed she gave the industry a bad name". Kidman then confessed to having undergone the procedure once.

"I've tried a lot of things, but apart from working out and a good diet, most things don't help. I even tried Botox, but I didn't like how my face looked afterwards. Now I don't use it any more - and I can move my forehead again," Kidman told a German magazine in 2009.

  • Jennifer Aniston - The "Friends" star claimed Botox made women look older and admitted she underwent the procedure in 2010.

"I tried Botox once and it was not good. It makes women look older. Harder. The warmth in their faces goes away . . . You see women and you know they're not young, but you can't tell how old they are," Jennifer told. The 43 year old actress is in a relationship with fellow actor Justin Theroux and is set to marry later this year.

  • Cindy Crawford - The American supermodel claimed to be so afraid of Botox she never wanted to try it after her one fling in 2010.

"I've tried Botox, but it scares me. Plastic surgery is scary, but as long as you don't use these things to change your face, I think it's OK," Cindy told Ladies' Home Journal.

  • Simon Cowell - The "Britain's Got Talent" judge is reportedly a hardcore fan and has admitted the same in public.

"To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste," said Cowell in Glamour UK.

  • Kim Kardashian - The American reality television star was so open about her Botox injections she demonstrated the same on her show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".