Tracy Kiss
British model-turned-fashion video blogger swears by her semen facials Youtube

A YouTube vlogger is becoming an internet sensation after posting a step-by-step semen facial tutorial online. Tracy Kiss, who suffers from rosacea, a skin condition that causes flushing to the face, says she swears by the natural treatment for a glowing complexion.

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The 28-year-old mother-of-two, from Wendover, Buckinghamshire, shared the 20-minute video online demonstrating how she makes sure her face is always flawless. Aware that her unusual approach may turn stomachs, she makes it clear from the offset that she is "not involved" when the semen is collected.

Kiss stressed she's "not involved" in the donation, and that it's the result of something her friend would be doing on a daily basis anyway. "I think a lot of people are concerned with the thought of putting semen on their face, but it is a very natural thing and very healthy thing to do," she tells viewers, while holding a plastic pots containing her friend's "donations".

She added: "Semen builds babies, they come out very soft and have beautiful skin, and it leaves my skin nice and soft, so I'm very happy to use this as a facial."

Kiss continues to rave about the semen's cooling and soothing benefits as she dips her fingers into the pot and wipes the substance onto her cheeks. "It feels like a face pack that pulls the skin inwards, it feels so glossy to wipe it off," she says during the demonstration. "It's like having a kind of oil on the face or a wax where it just glides beautifully against the water."

Within hours, the video had amassed almost 80,000 hits and hundreds of comments. Although semen contains proteolytic enzymes, which can help to break down dead layers of skin, is it really a beauty saviour? A spokesperson from the British Association of Dermatologists told IBTimes UK: "As far are we are aware, there are no studies to support this claim, so there is no proof either way that semen can be used as a skin treatment."