Images showing the complexity of the human body have been released as part of an exhibition showing cutting edge imaging techniques. The University of Edinburgh outdoor exhibition shows how these techniques are contributing to medical research.

Professor Joanna Wardlaw, Director of Edinburgh Imaging and the Brain Research Imaging Centre, said: "Advances in imaging technologies – such as MRI, MR-PET and microscopy – are vital for the continued discovery of new methods of diagnosing, monitoring and treating disease. This exhibition gives patients an insight to research that is happening right here in Edinburgh."

Images include a detailed look at the retina at the back of the eye, a 3D reconstruction of a patient's heart, aorta and coronary arteries and a magnified image of the small intestine.

The exhibition will take place at Little France and will run for five weeks from 3 September, 2015.

lung cancer
CT scans provide detailed 3D pictures of the insides of our bodies. This image reveals a red mass in the left lung that was found to be cancer. The patient later had surgery to remove this. Dr Saeed Mirsadraee at the Universe of Edinburgh