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An article claiming that American film director and producer Michael Bay announced that he will be killing off Optimus Prime and replacing him with Rodimus Prime in Transformers 5 is a hoax.

The bogus report was published on NationalReport.net, a humour and news parody website.

The title read: Micheal Bay On Transformers 5: "Optimus Dies, Rodimus Rules."

The fake story read: "Pressed for more details Bay revealed this:"Optimus Prime has served his time. He is old news. He dies heroically in battle, but it is time for leadership to be passed on to a new generation. We will be introducing a new Autobot known as Hot Rod. He is young and hip and sometimes doesn't think things through, just like Bumblebee. But he will have to learn how to lead what remains of the Autobots against Galvatron and his army of Decepticons."'

"Shocked by the huge scoop that I had just received, I pressed a little further. In the latest movie, It is hinted that Optimus Prime left Earth to find his makers. Does he find them before he dies?
"Oh yeah, of course. That's where the movie starts. Prime makes it to the creators known as the Quintessons. They are less than pleased to see him and well I can't give you the whole movie. But that is where he meets Hot Rod who later becomes Rodimus Prime." said Bay."

However, there is no truth in the story, and a disclaimer on the website reads: "National Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news."

Few Twitter users were tricked by the fake news report and expressed their disbelief.

Oh God he's gonna ruin Rodimus!! Aarrrgghh!! "@ladyofwreck: Please someone slap him! http://t.co/R1HJL5ykBF”

— Magnus the Dead (@JamesEremesRose) July 18, 2014

God damn you Bay! WTF! http://t.co/ddLgK59i2E

— Andrew Morava (@Parasidian) July 18, 2014

Honestly can't tell if Bay is honest or just fucking with us.http://t.co/bWASZrDGNz

— baltmatrix (@baltmatrix) July 18, 2014

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction was quite a success at the box office, and the film's producers have already planned to release Transformers 5 in 2016.