There are two kinds of people. Those who love Transformers and those who do not. For the former this game is the answer to many prayers given in hard times, the latter may wonder what the fuss is about.

The game, a third person shooter, is clearly designed with the fans in mind and takes much of its inspiration from the Transformers movie - no not the Michael Bay heresy of recent years - but the canonical (yes they use that word) 1986 animated one, which was Orson Welles last performance no less.

Much of the dialogue for the characters, from the mighty Optimus Prime to little Rumble, comes directly from the 1986 film in an obvious homage to the movie which generated complaints from mothers concerned that the death of the beloved Prime had upset their children too much.

The storyline for War for Cybertron acts as a pretty convincing prequel to the TV series beloved of millions of small boys in the 1980's, detailing as it does the chain of events leading up to the decision to leave Cybertron that ultimately takes them to Earth.

The gameplay is very simple and easy. It does not offer much for cerebral gamers, being a case of mainly just moving, shooting, smashing and transforming. If exercising the brain is your thing, stick to the Total War series or wait for Civ 5.

The graphics are excellent with the world of Cybertron coming alive on screen (as much as a robotic world can), transformation is quick and flows in well with the action in a way that is not gimmicky. Indeed one of the most satisfying (for fans) actions is to jump off a cliff before transforming into a jet or some such.

For fans though the best thing about the graphics is most certainly that all the characters look and act like their childhood heroes and villains. It's a world where Megatron has a huge gun on his arm, energon cubes are produced and collected, Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp all look the same and Soundwave sounds like Soundwave. There is no Megan Fox and no puerile "jokes" it's like Revenge of the Fallen never happened.

It is a fan's dream, however non fans may be mystified about the whole thing.