Wayne Rooney
There's no love lost between Rooney and Liverpool, with the striker's rivalry with the club dating back to his Everton days. REUTERS

Apparently English Premier League footballer Wayne Rooney (who plays for Manchester United) and "The X-Factor" star Frankie Cocozza had a virtual spat on Friday. The two traded blows on Twitter; in a fight that started with the latter tweeting about Rooney, saying he stank and had bad breath. The footballer retorted by pointing out the former "X-factor" star was a kid who could not sing.

Here are the tweets:
Frankie Cocozza #CelebsThatLookLikeTheyStink "not really a celeb but I bet his pits are stinking, along with his breath@waynerooney."

WayneRooney "@FrankieCocozza sorry who are u again. Oh yeah i remember ur the kid who was on x factor who couldnt sing."

Frankie Cocozza "@Frankie Cocozza Just got merked by Rooney, personally I think that's quite sick."

Frankie Cocozza "@WayneRooney thankyou for making my day, knew I'd hit a nerve. I don't like you at all. But bring home the goods this summer please."

Incidentally, Cocozza, 18, was eliminated from "The X-Factor" for taking cocaine. He is rumored to be in the next series of "Celebrity Big Brother", on Channel Five.