The Rock
Tyrese Gibson

The adage 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' is being borne out when it comes to the latest development in the Fast and Furious feud.

As warring Fast and Furious co-stars Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson continue to tear lumps out of each other on social media over their conflicting views about the Hobbs movie, Tank has stunned fans by asking the latter for a job.

Universal Pictures confirmed earlier in October that the spin-off starring Johnson as Hobbs and Statham as Deckard Shaw is due for release on 26 July 2019. It means that fans will now have to wait until 2020 to see Fast and Furious 9.

Even before it was all official Gibson − who has played Roman Pearce in five of the Furious films−made it clear he wasn't onboard with the idea and urged Johnson not to go against 'the family'.

Now, Tank who was in TGT (a music group consisting of himself, Ginuwine and Tyrese) has weighed in to show support for Johnson.

Over the weekend the Please Don't Go hitmaker tweeted a snap showing off his ripped physique along with the caption: "Somebody tell @therock that I'm ready for the #Hobbs movie RIGHT NOW!! Cast a real SAVAGE! Thanks for your consideration!

He added: "p.s. I'll let you guys cook up the beef while I just focus on expanding my horizons as an actor! There's enough room for all us contrary to what you believe!.."

Johson responded, saying: "We see u brother @TheRealTank. Iron beast! Its been very cool to see so many texting me to join our spinoff and have fun. #HobbsShaw"

But some fans were not impressed, with many accusing him of being petty and trying to get his own back after falling out with Gibson. Replying to one fan that called him out, he wrote: " @aleciak36 as an actor you're saying it's wrong for me to ask for a job??? Out of all the major actors I know do you know how many of them have ever offered me a job to even pick up the trash in one of their movies? NONE! I have to fight and scrape for every role I get and I prefer it that way! Please let me do my job as I will never interrupt you doing yours. Blessings.."

The drama comes months after Tank accused his former TGT bandmate of letting his ego ruin any chances of a reunion.

"What's crazy to me is that @ginuwine is the most accomplished artist in TGT but being talked bad about in this interview as if he hasn't earned his keep! Sad what your brother will do to ensure he has more than you! TGT is a moment for music culture not a dick measuring contest.

"TGT is a group not an individual effort but I guess everybody can't buy in to a team concept when you don't know what it is. TGT is no more because Tyrese feels he's better than me and G," Tank captioned. "Doesn't have more hits, hasn't sold more records but somehow he's better, SMH. We can't even get to the second album because n****s start with the David Ruffin sh*t."