Uber is diversifying its offerings. After offering food delivery through the Uber Eats app, the company is now launching a job application app.

The Uber Works app was announced on Wednesday and will match blue collar workers with prospective employers. The commercial launch will take place on Friday.

Companies can list ad-hoc or temporary openings on the app, and workers looking for such gigs can then coordinate with companies to get the position.

The app has been tested for a year in Chicago and it will be the first city to get access to the app. The app seems to be focussed at decluttering job applications. Once the users have uploaded their profile on the app, they can repeatedly get temporary gigs, just like Uber drivers get driving gigs according to their needs and wants.

They will also be able to filter opportunities using factors such as work hours, location and pay. They can also check shifts available in different places in a certain location.

Since the app will only be available in the US at launch, users will have to fill in the details of their W-2 forms. W-2 entitles even temporary workers to healthcare.

The staffing agencies that sign up with the app, will have to pay payroll taxes.

Uber is launching the app after the AB5 workers' classification bill was passed in California. AB5 puts the onus on the employer to prove that it employs independent contractors who are working freely without any interference from the employer.

The new app will put the onus of employment screening, verification, payroll and taxes on staffing agencies.

The app is expected to open its service to drivers soon.

The company says that the app can "eliminate bottlenecks to finding work."

Since the reach of Uber is wide, if the experiment is successful and goes beyond the recruitment of drivers, it may give employment websites such as Monster and Indeed a run for their money.

Uber Works App
Uber Works app official screenshots. Uber/official