cris cyborg
Cris "Cyborg" Justino (left) made her Ultimate Fighting Championship debut earlier this year at UFC 198 Getty

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Cris "Cyborg" Justino has taken another swipe at former Women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, questioning her behaviour as a role model while also calling her out for a fight at UFC 205.

Justino, who made her Ultimate Fighting Championship debut at UFC 198 earlier this year, cruised past opponent Leslie Smith winning by Total Knock Out in the first round. That win which came at a catchweight of 140 pounds, instantly catapulted her to the spotlight with many calling for Cyborg to be given more fights in the future.

"When we worry about marketing an image created by the media, out bigger goals are sacrificed. You can't look up because your face is in a pillow after being the bully and getting your ass kicked. Being humble enough to not believe the hype around you can be difficult", Cyborg said to ESPN.

"When I see little girls rocking their DNB shirts (referring to Rousey's trademark) and Reebok shoes in the supermarket, I think about what poor examples of sportsmanship you have displayed. I think about you cursing Holly Holm at the weigh-ins, refusing to shake Miesha Tate's hand following your victory, and all of the mean things you have said about me and my family", the Brazilian MMA star added.

The duo have had a number of spats over the years. Rousey was especially critical of Justino when it emerged that she had failed a drug test in 2011. They have also come close to fighting a number of times in the past, however it did not happen due to the Brazilian not being able to make the Rousey's 135-pound weight limit.

Meanwhile, UFC president Dana White recently confirmed that Rousey would get a shot at the Bantamweight title when she returns. However, Justino wants the American to fight her at UFC 205 instead.

"There was a time in your life when you told people you wanted to fight me. Maybe you didn't quite understand the way the world worked then, but you also didn't care what anyone thought. I guess what I am trying to tell you is that you don't need to be the champ to fight me."

"The media made you out to be the greatest female fighter of all time, and that is beautiful, because now everyone knows the real reason why you avoided a fight against Cris Cyborg. P4P #1 in the world for WMMA (Women Mixed Martial Arts)."