In an unexplained incident on Sept 19, a woman claims to have spotted a UFO or an Unidentified Flying Object in Cambridgeshire, a busy county in the East of England. The object appeared in the evening time like "bright light swirling in the sky."

According to Cambridgeshire Live, a woman named Kerena was waiting near the A428, St Neots Road for RAC Recovery when she witnessed this unusual scene in the sky. She claims the UFO appeared "almost like a firework."

Speaking with the publication, the mother revealed the details of the incident that left her shocked and wondering. She was not the only one who saw the twirling flashes of light, but she was accompanied by her son who was the first to point at the strange object in the sky.

"My car had broken down and we were waiting for RAC recovery just off the A428 turning onto the B1041 when my son first spotted it," she told the publication. "It was just a flashing light. 'He was like what is that? And I said a plane?"

She goes on to say that the trail it followed, is highly unlikely for a regular plane or a drone to maneuver in such a strange fashion in the sky.

"He pointed out that it was going round in a strange pattern, definitely not flying like a regular plane heading for a destination. I then wondered if it was a drone? But as he pointed out it was too far in the distance and you would not see that light that far. Next, it was making strange fire like pattern trails that were much clearer than the videos show," she added.

While there is no explanation yet, the woman insists it could be aliens pointing out the "way 2020 is going." Jokingly, she even confirmed that she was absolutely sober when the incident took place.

UFO flying cigar
Hull has one of the oldest documented sightings of UFOs from over 200 years ago Wikicommons: "Flying cigar" by Alt lys er svunnet hen

This is one of the many UFO sightings reported at Cambridgeshire, recently. The publication notes a few sightings that took place in September and December 2019. In July 2020, on the World UFO Day, Cambridge Independent reported that Cambridgeshire is among the top 20 UFO hotspots in the UK. Though far behind London, Kent, and Lancashire, which are considered the country's UFO spotting capitals, Cambridgeshire reported eight incidents in one year.