Godfrey Bloom from his time as a Ukip member
Godfrey Bloom from his time as a Ukip member

Godfrey Bloom has risked more controversy by calling for public sector workers to be stripped of their right to vote.

Former Ukip MEP Bloom made the outburst on LBC radio during an episode which revealed he remained as brazenly forthright in his views as ever.

Bloom also said that being out of work and having grandparents who had been unemployed should led to disqualification from voting as well.

Bloom sits in Brussels as an independent MEP following his resignation from Nigel Farage's anti-EU party in September.

Addressing listeners of the London-based radio station, Bloom said: "If you haven't done a hand's turn and neither have your parents' parents, then I can't actually understand why you should be able to vote on the administration.

"Another thing I think perhaps we need to look quite closely at is those in the public sector because those in the public sector naturally vote for increases in pensions and benefits in the public sector."

The last time Bloom opened his mouth it led to him stepping down from the UK Independence Party and Farage blaming him for "ruining" Ukip's party conference.

Bloom called female party member "sluts" and then attacked a reporter in front of TV cameras with a rolled-up copy of a party pamphlet.

The episode followed an incident in July which brought Bloom to national attention when he branded foreign countries receiving financial aid "Bongo-Bongo Land."