Welcome to Utherverse, the ultimate escapism where you can live out your wildest dreams and fantasies, while making money to boot.

50 million people are currently playing this online game, where you have an avatar and can explore thousands of online worlds in the game's universe.

Utherverse is meant to be a social network community as well as a game, to enable people to interact, make new friends and even fall in love and have sex.

Its free to join, and you can earn virtual currency by being sociable, which you can use to buy and decorate your dream house, or to buy all the clothes and shoes you've ever dreamed of wearing.

You can go on dates with other avatars, party in one of the many bars and clubs, or even get high on virtual drugs.

Best of all, you can actually work a virtual job paying virtual currency that can be converted into real money.

You can perform a service for other avatars like DJ-ing at a party, planning a virtual wedding, or even teaching other users computer programming at UtherAcademy, the game's university.

Utherverse plays host to over 1,200 virtual weddings a year, some of which are for people who eloped to Las Vegas in real life and want to have a magical day that doesn't cost much.

There are many companies on Utherverse that run virtual worlds offering services that users can pay for, and the game is now expanding to include virtual conventions and education services.