A Norwegian family was shocked to find a valuable meteorite in their cottage house in the middle of Oslo.

The meteorite weighed around 585 grammes, which is around one pound, four ounces.

An astrophysicist from the University of Oslo investigated the meteorite and found it be genuine. "You can tell immediately that it's genuine from the burned crust, and you can also recognize it from how rough and unusual it is. It gives me goosebumps," Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard, astrophysicist at the University of Oslo told Universe Today.

According to researchers, such meteorites can a fetch lot of money, potentially worth more than $500,000. They are quite valuable to researchers as well as private collectors. Earlier, chunks of Mars have fetched $877 per gram.

"This family is very lucky," Serge Koutchmy, a researcher at the Paris Astrophysical Institute, told Agence France-Presse (AFP). "First of all because the piece of meteorite did not cause much damage, and secondly, because it is worth a small fortune."