They may have collaborated with the likes of Demi Lovato and Shawn Mendes, and supported Selena Gomez on tour, but The Vamps will not be making bizarre diva demands any time soon.

Speaking to IBTimes UK at London's Highgate Studios, the British band aka Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans and James McVey insisted they were unchanged by their celebrity status and were are determined to stay grounded.

Before signing their record deal with Virgin EMI, the quartet had already won over legions of fans with their organic sound and impressive covers. They insist they are the same Midland-based lads fans discovered on YouTube.

"Honestly we haven't really changed." Evans said. "Obviously it has changed for us drastically but we kind of keep best friends and stuff. We are just enjoying it. Doing a hobby and living life to the full."

He does admit he is enjoying some of the perks of fame. "Naturally the drummer gets all the underwear. These guys don't really know about that," he said.

Their debut album Meet The Vamps, released in April 2014, spawned five top hits including Can We Dance, Wild Heart and Somebody To You. They are hoping to emulate its success with their new album, when it is unveiled later in 2015.

According to the group, they have "unconnected" themselves from the world while they focus on their new project. "We have been very busy with the record label and we have been working every day crazy hours," Evans says.

The Vamps
Tristan, Bradley, James and Tristan from The Vamps IBTimes UK