There was a time not so long ago that Victoria Beckham confessed to not being very active in the kitchen.

"The only thing I can cook really is mince meat, which is ironic because I'm a vegetarian. But I like calzone and lasagne. I cooked every day in Spain so David and the boys lived off minced meat for four years. I cook a Sunday dinner every single Sunday I'll have you know. My kids like Yorkshire pudding so I make that, I can make it from scratch and I make Dora the Explorer cakes for afters because the kids love them," Victoria once said.

Things are apparently different now.

A Daily Mail report said she had made a few popular British dishes for her sons' (Romeo and Cruz) International Food Day at school. The report went so far as to describe her dishes as "culinary delights including pork pies, sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple on sticks sat in three large foil trays with Union Jack flags on cocktail sticks in each item. The trays were surrounded by sweets wrapped in patriotic paper, as well as a cute toy dog wearing a Union Jack cape".

Apparently the whole effort one was one Victoria was proud of. She tweeted: "Just finished cooking! Very proud to be British!! X vb", along with photographs.

The most recent news is that the former pop star wife is engaged in making Easter cupcakes and chocolates for her children, with help from footballer husband David Beckham. She tweeted, on the occasion: "Fun good Friday making chocolate!! Happy Easter fashion bunnies... Daddy made chocolate chicks for Harper! X vb... Easter cup cakes with Romeo and Harper! So cute! X vb"

The highlights were a pink pig, white chocolate Buddha and milk chocolate bunnies, Easter Eggs and, of course, a sweet football. A second photograph showed yellow chocolate chicks, which were made by Beckham for the couple's son Harper.

Incidentally, the Daily Mail report also said that Easter kitchen session came after Beckham and his wife joined friend Marc Anthony and new girlfriend Shannon De Lima, at a VIP reception in Los Angeles.

Check out the Beckham's Easter treats for their children...