A video of a 28-year-old Chinese woman crying about never having a boyfriend has gone viral on the internet. The unidentified woman could be seen venting about her situation with her sister-in-law in the video.

The video was posted on Chinese social media platforms on February 12 and sparked a debate about the pressures of dating, according to the South China Morning Post.

She says that the challenges she faces due to her parents' expectations, her job, and being single have turned her hair gray. "I have never held a man's hand," she says while crying in the video. She goes on to explain how she has even tried going on blind dates but has not been able to find love yet.

She explained how she feels pressured to go on blind dates because of her parents' expectations. "I can't disappoint my parents, so I brave it out for the blind dates," she said.

Her problems just do not end on blind dates, the money that she has to spend on these dates puts her in a precarious situation as she has to live within her means.

"I even begrudge spending on buying shoes for myself," she adds as she continues to sob. The video has managed to get thousands of likes and comments, with many people empathising with her situation.

"I'm two years older than her, so I can deeply relate to her anxiety," commented a user. "I have a similar struggle to hers...my parents often put pressure on me," added another.

Some others had some words of motivation for her. "Please do not get married for the sake of it. Otherwise, you will cry even louder," said another user.

Due to China's one-child policy, there is a growing problem where there are many single men in the country, and women who choose to remain single late into their 20s as they pursue careers are called "leftover women" and are put under enormous pressure by their families and society to get married.

Particularly around the Chinese New Year period, when people reunite with their families, the pressure to be in a relationship with someone increases, especially as the period also falls near the Western occasion of Valentine's Day.

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