Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel talked about body-shamers on social media Jason Merritt/Getty

American actor and filmmaker Vin Diesel has slashed out at online comments about his body weight. Previously, various media outlets had published photos of the 48-year-old in Miami, looking considerably heavier.

In an interview with BBC's Newsbeat, the Fast And Furious star recently spoke of body-shaming on social media. He said: "It's a lot of negative stuff. I think that it is ultimately wrong, I think people should be less judgemental and more just loving."

"You hear people talk about haters all the time, and there are people who process haters differently. I feel sorry for people who have to cut other people down to feel better about themselves," he added.

"They [magazines] do it for profit too and that's the dark side of fame. You do that enough to people and they become withdrawn... because they don't know who is trying to exploit them or bring them down," the actor said.

However, Paul Walker's best friend does not pay much attention to online abuses. He said: "I don't stay away from the internet. I think there's great value in getting feedback in terms of social media."

"I've been able to have a unique relationship with the audience that I believe has made the [Fast and Furious] films better because of it. Magazines and stuff like that are a bit dated now but I think, by and large, around the world people are good people," Vin Diesel added.