Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel is not done with his tributes to the late Paul Walker. He recently posted an 18-minute video to his Facebook page, which had the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of him and walker

It was titled "A glimpse... of Don and Brian... off screen". The video shows the camaraderie between the two actors as they went about the promotion circuit for the Fast and Furious franchise.

Previously, the 46-year-old actor took to his Facebook page calling Walker his better half.

"When I heard, I immediately flew back to California, and went directly from the plane to his mother's house...I thought they needed my strength, but realised when I got there and broke down before his family, that it was I who needed theirs. His mother hugged me and said I am so sorry... I said sorry? You're the mother who lost a son?... She said yes, but you lost your other half," Diesel wrote on his Facebook page.

Walker died from the combined effect of severe burns and injuries resulting from the crushing initial impact of the high-speed car crash, the autopsy has revealed.

The driver involved in the crash, which killed Paul Walker was a former race car driver and financial adviser to the Fast and Furious actor.

Roger Rodas had been close friends with Walker for several years and the pair had raced together on several occasions.

Both men were pronounced dead at the scene after their vehicle swerved off-road and hit a tree. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that speed was a major factor in the crash.

Walker, who began modelling as an infant in the pampers commercials, shot to fame with the Fast & Furious franchise, starring in all but one of the six action blockbusters.

He was at an event for his charity, Reach out Worldwide before he went for a drive with friend Rodas in his Porsche. The accident took place at about 3.30pm local time, just a short distance from the venue of the event.