Harvey Nichols, a leading luxury fashion destination in London, has skirted controversy after its advertisement featuring eight women doing the Walk of Shame - walking back after one-night stands - was approved, despite widespread complaints.

At the end of the ad, a Harvey Nichols customer is shown doing the same, with a caption: "Avoid the Walk of Shame this Season".

There have been complaints accusing the ad of "promoting casual sex", "reinforcing negative stereotypes of women" and "implying sexual violence".

However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) dismissed all allegations, stating the women in the ad had not necessarily had one night stands. The ASA also dismissed accusations of "sexual violence", adding that ripped tights "were common in everyday situations". It said the locations and situations depicted did "not necessarily suggest" women depicted belonged to a "specific social class". The women appeared both uncomfortable and confident over the course of the advert; it "did not reinforce negative stereotypes of women generally or women who chose to have casual sex in particular," the Telegraph was quoted as saying.

The ASA also ruled that Harvey Nichols need not take any corrective action.

According to the Independent, Harvey Nichols said it intended to "raise a smile" by reminding people of a "familiar hazard" of the Christmas party season, adding the ad's emphasis was on wearing clothes that resulted in "your head held high".

The ad received 725,000 hits on YouTube.

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