The warthog was facing off with 10 wild dogs (100100Channel)

The final moments of an ill-fated warthog have been captured on film by tourists on safari on the African savannah.

Footage of the stand-off shows a warthog facing up to 10 wild dogs that have cornered him on the edge of a river.

However, seemingly unbeknownst to the warthog, a crocodile is sneaking up behind him slowly.

The unlucky warthog stays put, not knowing what to do for two minutes, assessing its options.

However, the crocodile finally strikes and drags the animal into the water, disappearing beneath the surface.

Warthogs make for a tasty meal for both wild dogs and crocodiles: this particular animal was very much in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wild dogs, or lycaon pictus, hunt in large packs and tend to peruse their pray over a long and open chase and will normally target medium-sized animals such as gazelles, wildebeest calves and springboks. But some packs go after larger animals, including zebras and warthogs.

The predators edged closer before the crocodile struck (100100Channel)

Crocodiles on the other hand eat very rarely as they can survive for long periods without food.

Uploaded to YouTube by the 100100Channel, users posting comments said they think the crocodile provided the quicker death.

One wrote: "I'd rather drown than get eaten alive by 10 wild dogs."

Another added: "Better to be drowned than ripped apart, I guess ... poor fella."

However, one person said if they were the warthog, they would have escaped: "I think it got a better chance when ran away immediately from those wild dogs."