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5-year-old Taylor tries to understand US politics Instagram/@tabgeezy

Taylor, a five-year-old girl from Houston, Texas seems to be feeling the same way most Americans did after the November presidential election results were announced. The confused young girl's mother posted a series of Instagram videos of her asking about former president Barack Obama and his successor Donald Trump.

"This all started because she wanted to know, Where did Barack Obama go? And where is the president's house. She is still mad," her mother who uses the account @tabgeezy captioned the first post.

"Where did Barack Obama go? Why do we have another president?" the conscientious girl asked. "So, why did he go? Where did he go? So, why do we have the president we have now at the same spot [Obama] was and why did he leave it anyway?"

Her mother explained that a president could only serve two terms but Taylor was not satisfied with the answer. "But, how come Hillary [Clinton] did not get to be the president and why is she the loser? And what are they even supposed to be winning?" she continued with her questions.

In an adorable final discussion on US politics, her mother explained that Donald Trump now lived at the White House. "But why does he have to live there?" she asked after throwing her hands in the air.

"I want him to live somewhere else," she added. "I don't want him living in Texas!"

Taylor's mother explained that her daughter was hurt by the state of things. "She asked if she could watch the news with me so she can learn all the things I know," she wrote alongside the final video.

Part 2 😂

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