Bet there isn't a single fight fan who would not love to see a double knockout. While MMA fighters have managed to hilariously knock out each other at the same time when competing in the octagon, a double knockout with a single move is yet to happen inside the cage.

However, the WWE universe is an entirely different ballgame, with wrestlers laying waste two opponents with just a single move.

For the viewing pleasure of its fans, the wrestling promotion has come up with a video that reveals the top ten deadliest double knockout moves till date.

Number ten on the list is Braun Strowman, who is seen lifting one of the members of the Splash Brothers by his neck and brutally choke slamming him on to the other, who is lying flat on the mat after taking a boot to his face from the man-mountain.

Next in the list is Roman Reigns, who takes down two of his opponents with a Double Spear. Attitude Era star 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin follows with the Simultaneous Stunner on Shane McMahon and Triple H while the 123 Kid is seen jumping next to rope in excitement.

Coming in at the seventh spot is AJ Styles with the Wild Styles Clash. In the clip, The Phenomenal One is seen dangling his opponent by the legs from the second ropes and flying him face first on the other opponent lying on his back.

Another Attitude Era star takes the sixth position on the list. Umaga is seen carrying Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels on his shoulders before dropping the Caged Samoan Drop.

Fifth on the list is Seth Rollins, who is seen carrying out a powerbomb on Y2J and Braun Strowman, who is seen lying on the table next to the announcers. The fourth position goes to The Undertaker, who chokeslams Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and Shawn Michaels at the same time during a match.

John Cena takes the third spot as he lifts up Randy Orton and slams him on to Kane for the win via a three count, while the second position goes to Kurt Angle, who is seen pulling off a suplex on both Rey Mysterio and The Viper at the same time.

And, on top of the list is non-other than The Rock, with The People's Elbow on Triple H and the match referee at the same time on the announcer's table.

Check out the video below: