WWE Superstars AJ Styles and Randy Orton have made one young fan's dreams come true. Jake Smith, 12, who is battling cancer, met the wrestlers backstage in Newcastle on 12 May and his heartwarming reaction was captured on film.

Jake, who lives in Darlington, County Durham, believed he was going to a family dinner but his mother, Linda Smith, told the ecstatic youngster he would actually be attending WWE Live at Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena. Not only would he watch the fight, but it was arranged that Jake would meet his favourite wrestlers Styles, 39, and Orton, 37.

Upon hearing the exciting news, video footage shot by his older sister Melissa Smith shows Jake joyfully jumping up and down. Backstage, the youngster is seen posing beside Styles with two thumbs up and hugging Orton in another photo. Jake has Down's Syndrome while also battling leukaemia, which he was diagnosed with in October 2015.

Jake is now in the maintenance stage of chemotherapy with the treatment due to finish in February 2018.

The WWE enthusiast is being treated at the Newcastle Royal Victory Infirmary (RVI). The hospital houses an independent team from children's charity Clic Sargent, which offers emotional support to the families of young cancer patients.

Sharing Jake's passion for wrestling, his mother Linda said: "Jake is obsessed by WWE, it's his favourite thing in the whole world. His WWE videos are on constantly when he's in hospital, and they are the only thing that will calm him down and distract him when he has to have upsetting things done, like needles going in. We are so proud of our little superstar and grateful to WWE and CLIC Sargent for putting a big smile on our own little fighter's face."

Praising WWE for their gesture of goodwill, Clic Sargent said in a statement: "Our support workers and nurses fight tirelessly for children and young people with cancer like Jake, who go through so much during treatment.

"We are so happy that the WWE were able to grant their first ever wishes for our charity on their UK tour, and thankful for their ongoing commitment to helping the dreams of sick children like Jake around the world come true."

WWE Smackdown Live Randy Orton
AJ Styles
Randy Orton (L) and AJ Styles