Girl gang that attacked The Only Way is Essex stars Sam and Billie Faiers is still at large.

The Metropolitan police have not made any arrests despite video of the brutal attack going viral on YouTube.

Sam, 20 was knocked unconscious by the youths after they attacked her without provocation whilst they were waiting for friends in the Jet Black Club in London.

Billie, 21 recalled the attack: "I was surrounded by at least ten girls on the dance floor. Sam was nearby. Then, in a split second, I'm on the ground and there is blood coming out of my leg.

"I had been hit with a glass or a bottle.

"I was in shock. They were calling me a slag. I kept screaming, 'Why, why', but they wouldn't stop.

They were punching me and hitting me with their high heels when I was on the ground. They pulled my hair and dragged me along the street."

All the girls involved in the violence - including the victims - were asked to leave the notoriously club with a troubled history.

Sam then received a phone call from their attackers, promising to give back goods they had stolen from the first attack.

She went alone and was surely attacked again to the point of being kicked unconscious and requiring an emergency brain scan.

Anyone with information on the attack should call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.