Source: CNN

A Norwegian national has been named as a suspect in the al-Shabab's terror attack on the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

BBC's Newsnight reported that Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow, 23, left his home country for Somalia in 2009 and took part in the attack last month.

The man is allegedly seen in CCTV pictures of the attack that left 67 dead, which was obtained by the CNN. The silent footage, taken on the first day of the attack (21 September) shows shoppers running away from the four gunmen and falling to the floor as bullets were fired.

One injured man attempting to find shelter is seen to be shot again and dies.

At one point, a British woman with two children pushing another injured in a shopping trolley is seen being told to leave the shopping mall by one of the militants. The mother, who appears to be shot in the thigh by the terrorist, is followed by a wounded teenage girl, bloody with hands in the hair, pushed by one of the gunmen.

The gunmen are even seen relaxing and taking time out for prayers.

Somalia-born Dhuhulow moved to Norway with his family as refugees in 1999.

Al-Shabab claimed the attack was in retaliation for Kenyan military operations in Somalia.

Westgate still picture
Still image from CNN video of the attack (YouTube)