Microsoft Windows 10
Users have reported experiencing issues with apps installation from the Windows 10 Store Reuters

Following the Windows 10 release, users have reported a couple of issues with the installation of apps in the Windows 10 Store. These, however, are nothing major. Potential resolutions for them are available and you can always go ahead with a hassle-free download.

0x803F7003 error:

Are you getting an error 0x803F7003, in the Windows Store while downloading apps in Windows 10? This is basically an issue, which does not let users download apps from the Windows store, reports Redmond Pie.

The app moves to the download section of the Windows store app, but fails to download, while throwing an error code of 0x803F7003. A simple fix is available for this. All you need to do is run wsreset.exe and in the end just reboot, if required.

Type wsreset in the Cortana search box, then right click on the app and click Run as administrator from the drop down menu. Doing so will reset the cache of Windows Store.

Once you have performed the above, you should see a confirmation when you open the store app, saying the cache has been reset. You may now go ahead and try to download apps.

If this does not work, perform a reboot and then download. This should work without any issue.

'Device limit reached' error

Meanwhile, other users have reported experiencing an issue called Device limit reached when installing apps in Windows 10 Store.

This happens when you reach the device limit for installing apps or games from the store on a Windows 10 device. So if you want to install apps on another Windows 10 device, just remove a device from the device list.

With the previous Windows 8 version, users were able to install apps in up to five devices, and with Windows 8.1, Microsoft raised the number to 81. With Windows 10, Microsoft has pulled the number down to 10.

So if you have added more than 10 devices, prior to the Windows 10 upgrade, the Windows 10 store will display 'Device limit reached' error.

Head over here and remove the devices you don't need any more.