A 26-year-old pregnant woman managed to deliver her baby minutes before she died after being mowed by a truck in Firozabad City, Uttar Pradesh in India.

The woman, identified only by her first name,Kamini, was eight months pregnant and was on her way to her parents' house from her house in Agra when the unfortunate accident took place.

Kamini was travelling with her husband, Ramu, on a motorbike. He lost control of his bike while trying to prevent it from being hit by a car coming from the opposite direction.

The woman fell off the bike and a speeding truck crushed her. According to local media reports, she went into labour on the road and delivered the baby minutes before her death.

As per eyewitness accounts, it is a miracle that the baby survived the horrific incident, as many parts of her mother's body were left in pieces after the truck ran over her.

"The baby is completely out of danger. Due to premature delivery, she is slightly underweight. The umbilical cord had gotten stressed due to the accident and there is a minor injury on her belly button. She just needs some medical care," the head of the paediatric department at the Firozabad Medical College, Dr. LK Gupta, told the Times of India.

"I saw the disturbing pictures of the accident. A major part of her mother's body was crushed. It is indeed a miracle that the girl survived," he added.

The couple were on their way to see Kamini's 65-year-old uncle, who passed away later that evening after hearing of her death. He was suffering from cancer. Meanwhile, the police have registered a complaint against the driver of the truck who fled the scene right after the accident.

According to a World Bank report, more than 150,000 people die in road accidents every year in India. It accounts for the greatest number of deaths from road accidents across the world.

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Representational Image Photo: Credit: Pixabay