Samoa Joe has been looking to fight top WWE stars after making an immediate impact at Monday Night Raw by viciously attacking Seth Rollins with the blessing of Triple H following his debut at the red brand in January.

The one wrestler The Destroyer has his eyes upon is the Universal champion Brock Lesnar. Speaking on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast, The Samoan Submission Specialist said he would love to fight the Beast Incarnate as he has the game to match latter's intensity.

"Absolutely. I think, and I've stated it a lot, I think it's something the fans want to see and I'd definitely like to get into it with Brock. He's very intense. It has got to be believable. I think that's part of it too," Joe said.

Samoa Joe also revealed the reason why he stayed at NXT for nearly two years before making his main roster debut at the company. He said that the brand needed him as he was pushed the show to greater heights along with Finn Bálor and Shinsuke Nakamura.

"I want to say almost close to two years. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I think a part of that too was about driving the brand. And I think that was kind of the issue with myself, Finn, and Nakamura. We were kind of these mainstays, it was a touring brand at this point, and it was like I felt kind of needed us, Bayley, is another consummate player, just it was kind of what people showed up and paid to see."

Joe also compared NXT to ROH and ECW in terms of the talents who after making a name for themselves are poached.

"NXT is at a level now where it is a third touring brand within the WWE spectrum and you have to now produce talent that have the risk of being gone. I liken it to a Ring Of Honor or an ECW where it's like you'd build these huge stars, but eventually opportunity comes calling and now you have to start from scratch," Joe added.

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