Shane McMahon's fight with Kurt Angle at King Of The Ring (2001) was a brutal one. The WWE SmackDown Live commissioner did not suffer from a concussion, but the Olympic Hero was left with a cracked tailbone.

"I wasn't concussed or anything, so I was straight up. I mean, I was hurting," Shane said on The Steven Austin Show as transcribed by Wrestling Inc. "Kurt was calling for a suplex and I called it off. It was in the middle aisle. It was just cement. He says, 'no suplex, suplex.' I was like, 'no, Kurt.' He says, 'go, go.' And he did something to me and I didn't have much of a choice. I'm like, 'alright, suplex.' So as we did it, he hit and he went, 'oh my God!' He cracked his tailbone."

WWE Raw 4 April 2017 Kurt Angle
Shane McMahon
Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon

The fight was so vicious that Shane's father Vince McMahon tired to stop the fight. According to Shane, Vince told referee Chioda to inform Angle and himself that the fight was to be stopped. However, the duo continued with their fight and what Chioda told Shane during the fight sounded "gibberish" to the latter as he was dizzy following the numerous strikes to the head.

"Vince almost came out about three times during that match. He was going to call it off. I had no idea. Chioda was the ref. Chioda was usually always my ref because we go back in the day, like I said. And it takes three, not just two. It takes three. In the IFB, I guess Vince is talking, saying something. Chioda's talking to me, but I think he's just saying gibberish because, again, I got whacked in the head a couple of times," Shane said.

Vince was "fuming" as he thought his son was ignoring his instructions during the match.

"So anyways, Vince thinks that I'm shooing him off, that I'm disobeying an order, that I'm ignoring the order from Chioda, but I never got the order because I would never disobey him. So [the] gorilla [position] was silent. Vince was going ballistic. I mean, throwing stuff," he said.

Vince was apparently angry because he thought Shane was disobeying a direct order, which was given in front of everybody at backstage. After the fight, Vince warned Shane to never disobey him and left in his car when they were supposed to ride together.

"I was like, 'wow, I had heat' because he was nervous, so it was two things: being a father and seeing your son go through a train wreck and waiving him off, which really made him hot, in front of everybody, because he was giving the order in front of everybody, so he thought I was disobeying on top of all that and everyone around knows I was disobeying."

Shane said he and Angle were one of the first-ever wrestlers to receive a standing ovation backstage.

"As we get through the back, there was a whole line of guys, all the boys were applauding." Shane said and added, "as I turn around the corner on my way to the trainer's room before we go to the hospital, and then, here comes Marissa [Shane McMahon's wife], just eyes bawling. She has no idea because I didn't tell her anything. That's the one I got huge heat for."

World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon Brendan McDermid/Reuters