WWE star Lana took to social media to reveal that she was "violated" by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at Boston's Logan International Airport. Lana, whose real name is CJ Perry, tweeted about the "inappropriate behaviour" by the agents on Wednesday (12 April) morning.

"The most inappropriate behavior @BostonLogan TSA is doing to me. I have never felt this violated in my entire life," she wrote on Twitter.

However, just a few hours after she revealed the incident, Logan Airport's Twitter handle issued an apology to the wrestler and asked her to report the incident to the airport's online support.

"@LanaWWE We apologize for the poor treatment. You can report to @AskTSA online here http://ow.ly/TXiY30aNpoe."

Lana is the wife of former WWE US champion Rusev. The husband-wife duo recently moved from Raw to SmackDown Live during the "superstar shakeup".

Lana's fans were furious with their star being sexually violated and they asked the wrestler for more details regarding the incident but she kept silent.

"on the behalf of Boston, I apologize. No one should ever feel or be treated like that. Ever," one fans said, while another wrote, "The TSA is such a violation of people's privacy. It does not even stop terrorism or hijacks. All it does is violate people."

"I actually just went through Boston tsa myself Friday I can relate," a third fan said.

Meanwhile, Lana showed her respect to police officers who helped her in resolving the issue.

"I want to thank the American Police officer this am that helped resolve what I was put through today with TSA. Thank you," she said.

A TSA spokesperson told Wrestling Online it was "aware of these allegations" and have "reached out to the passenger and plan to communicate with her directly".

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