Kurt Angle opened about the infamous WWE backstage fight with Brock Lesnar in a recent interview. The Olympic gold medallist revealed that he dropped the Beast Incarnate seven times during their real fight.

The WWE Hall of Famer said he challenged the current Universal champion to a fight in 2003 after his peers told him that the latter had boasted about destroying him in a real fight.

"Someone asked him how I would do against him and he said, 'He's too small, I'd kill him,'" Angle told the Chris Jericho Podcast, as transcribed by News.com.au.

Angle, the new Monday Night Raw general manger, said he walked up to Lesnar and asked if the latter uttered those words. Angle got furious when Lesnar pointed out that the former was just too small to be considered as a serious threat in a real fight.

Despite the huge disadvantage in physique, Angle challenged Lesnar to fight but the latter declined as he was "bare feet".

The fight finally happened when Lesnar was practicing his moves with the Big Show hours before a show in North Dakota in 2003. Angle was impressed when he saw the Lesnar was slamming the Big Show. "I thought, 'Holy s***, I might not be able to handle this kid'. I never saw anybody do that," Angle said.

Angle then stepped in and asked the Big Show to exit the ring. "He turned around and I said, 'Let's go'. And all the wrestlers around the ring, like lumberjack style, looked at him and said, 'You're not getting out bro'."

Angle overcame the former UFC heavyweight champion in the fight despite the latter weighing 90 pounds more than the former. In the fight, Angle took Lesnar "down into the ropes a good 7-8 times".

"He [Brock Lesnar] used the ropes to say we're out of bounds. That's OK. I did take him down once. He didn't take me down at all," the 48-year-old wrestler said. "It was really close, but to me, Brock wasn't the wrestler I was."

Angle said he won the fight as he is an Olympic wrestler with a lot of techniques up his sleeves. "If Brock would have gone beyond the NCAA's and went on to the Olympic level, there's no way in hell I would have beat Brock. He is that good of an athlete, but he just didn't know wrestling like I did. He didn't know the sport of wrestling. He didn't know the techniques and the little tricks and triggers that go with it."

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Brock Lesnar (L) and Kurt Angle