Mark William Calaway is called The Undertaker for a reason. He is one of the scariest men to ever step inside the WWE ring.

The WWE Universe has never seen the Deadman get afraid of any wrestler but he does have a very strange phobia that Bruce Prichard revealed on his latest episode of his podcast.

Prichard was talking about how late Owen Hart used to pull the legs of other stars and went on to disclose the Phenom's phobia that Hart used to his advantage a number of times. The Undertaker has a phobia with cucumbers!

"Bruce said if someone just put a cucumber on Taker's bag, it would 'freak him out,'" a Reddit user Nylarjoetep posted as to what Prichard said about The Undertaker's phobia on Something to Wrestle.

Hart tormented The Undertaker by placing cucumbers in the latter's hat, boots and at the bottom of his drinks.

Prichard also revealed how Hart "cut up a cucumber and put them in his tights" and placed the vegetable in front of The Undertaker's face while the Deadman was lying on the mat during one of their fights.

"The Undertaker didn't want to break character, but he also wanted out of the ring with those cucumbers. Conrad said as the story goes, Taker loses his mind and jumped out of the ring. Needless to say, he wasn't a happy man that night. Bruce confirmed that actually happened."

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