Amelia Lily
The singer is at the centre of a fix row after her 'winner single' went on sale at HMV ITV

The X Factor has once again found itself at the centre of a fixing row after the 'winner's single' was posted for pre-order on the HMV website, days before the show's final.

HMV was forced to issue an apology after a technical glitch made 'comeback kid' Amelia Lily's winner's single become available to buy in HMV's online music section yesterday.

The CD was listed as "coming soon" while searches for winner's singles by her fellow finalists Little Mix and Marcus Collins were nowhere to be found.

The retailer claimed that they had created dummy pages for each of the X Factor finalists, but a technical glitch caused only one to be uploaded one.

However, the apology seems to have fallen on deaf ears as enraged fans headed online to vent their anger over the error online that has also reignited 'fix' accusations that has plagued the series.

One disgruntled Twitter user wrote: "So...why is Amelia's Lily's XFACTOR WINNERS single ready for purchasing on HMV and Marcus and Little Mix are not. Big Fix!"

An X Factor spokesperson reiterated today that the error had anything to do with the ITV Talent show: 'This is absolutely nothing to do with The X Factor, HMV have admitted this was due to a technical error on their site."

The X Factor final, will take place this weekend at Wembley Arena. The competition is still open to a public vote and the winner will be announced Sunday.