Every day new rumours are emerging online regarding Microsoft's most anticipated upcoming game console, Xbox 720, said to be the successor to the Xbox 360.

More rumours started going around when a recent report suggested that Microsoft has internally confirmed to certain partners that the next video game has been slotted for a Christmas 2013 release. Amid the spate of rumours and speculation, a round-up of reports in cyber space:

Xbox 720 GPU

In order to become one of the most popular video games, like its predecessor Xbox 360, the Xbox 720 needs to have some powerful machinery components.

According to a report, sources who are believed to be Microsoft partners have been quoted revealing a few of the specifications about the next-gen Xbox. The console will be packed with two GPUs. One of the sources has been quoted stating: "It's like two PCs taped together."

The graphics cards are expected to be equivalent to AMD 7000 series GPUs. The GPUs structure in the Xbox 720 is not similar to that of normal dual PC set-up wherein two chips take it in turns to draw lines of the same objects. Instead Xbox 720's graphics units will work independently, drawing different items simultaneously.

In addition there will be four or six CPU cores, among which one will be dedicated to Kinect and the other one for operating system.

A new name?

There are possibilities that Microsoft could name the upcoming game as Xbox 720. According to a report, the codename of Xbox 720 is said to be Loop. Noted Microsoft blogger, M S Nerd, outed the name claiming that the upcoming video game console will be far familiar, cheaper, and Kinect-focused when it will hit the shelves.

The report further suggests that the purported codename next-gen Xbox could be Durango. The rumour came up with a tweet by Sean Tracy, a technical designer for Crytek, which reads, "Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks." He had reportedly deleted the tweet since news reports came up regarding Durango to be the codename for the next Xbox.

Disc drive for Xbox 720

According to a report, the next-gen Xbox will have a Blu-ray drive (BD). The read speeds from DVDs are faster compared to Blu-ray discs but the BDs can store more data. A standard dual-core BD can store 50GB data compared to Xbox 360's dual-layer DVDs which store data between 8 and 9GB.

On the other hand there was a report which states that Microsoft had reportedly told its partners that the next Xbox will not include a disc drive. The Xbox will offer interchangeable solid-state card storage, according to a report.

Are the Xbox games in process of development?

The games developers are reportedly in the process of developing the Xbox 720 hardware. A recent job advertisement from Peter Molyneux's Lionhead studio had asked for developers having a background in Direct X 11. Direct X 11 is the latest in high-speed, high-fidelity gaming and computing and a platform which is not used by any current consoles. According to a rumour, the DirectX 11 is said to be used in the AMD-powered Xbox 720.

Touchscreen controller

The next version of Xbox is expected to have 3D display features and touchscreen controllers. The next Xbox is believed to compete with next version of the Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii consoles. The new controller in the Xbox 720 is expected to have an HD display with traditional buttons and sticks to enable the touch screen controls. Moreover the new controller can be used as a remote control as well as a web browser. The Xbox 720 is expected to be six times as powerful as the Xbox 360 and will be priced more than $500, according to a report by Forbes.

Anti-Used Game technology

Microsoft plans to incorporate anti-used game system for the next Xbox 720 and may not play used games. The fact remains unclear that the system will not play used games or how such a set up will. And it is not yet revealed how Microsoft plans to implement anti-used game system in the new machine, according to a report .

Xbox 720 Release date:

The successor to Xbox 360, according to a report, is expected to be announced by Microsoft at the E3 2012. Microsoft is likely to launch the new Xbox before the launch of PlayStation 4.

But David Dennis, Microsoft's head of corporate PR, reportedly said that there will be no new console shown at the E3 2012. "While we appreciate all the interest in our long-range plans for the future, we can confirm that there will be no talk of the new Xbox hardware at E3 or anytime soon. For us, 2012 is all about Xbox 360-and it is the best year ever for Xbox 360. The console is coming off its biggest year ever-a year in which Xbox outsold all other consoles worldwide," Microsoft has been quoted by CVG.

Besides, a recent report states that Microsoft has internally confirmed to its partners that the next Xbox has been slotted for a 2013 Christmas release.

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