Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says she "couldn't be more excited" about acquisition of Tumblr. She says Tumblr will initially operate independently but when fully integrated will bring more than 300 million users to the Yahoo platform.

"Tumblr is a phenomenal company and we couldn't be more excited. While we are acquiring it we intend to operate it independently. Their roadmap, their vision, all of that, stays on track. That said, they bring an incredible number of strengths to the Yahoo portfolio. More than 300 million monthly users. When you add that to the more than 700 million monthly users already on Yahoo, we have a global audience that exceeds a billion monthly users. They also have a phenomenal amount of content being published on theTumblr platform. 108 million different blogs on Tumbler, and 50 billion individual posts. That content is something we can bring to bear on Yahoo media network, strengthening our products and our verticals and we couldn't be more excited about that. And they also bring an absolutely fanatical user base. They have one of the highest time-spent-per-user metrics on the web - 24 billion minutes per month - is really tremendous. We couldn't be more excited about bringing Tumblr into the Yahoo portfolio. And I see we got David right up here in front. We're very, very excited and happy. Getting to know the Tumblr team and the company and thinking about all the possibilities and opportunities we have to work together has been something that's been really, really exciting and I can't wait to see how this all goes. As we promised this morning, we are not going to screw this up," she said.