Hugh Grosvenor
Hugh Grosvenor, 26, is the ninth richest person in the UK with an estimated fortune of £9.2bn Getty

Adele and Ed Sheeran might have more number ones and Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson may have topped the box office but when it comes to the wealth they all look up at one man: Hugh Grosvenor.

He might not be as famous as One Direction or Premier League footballers, but the 26-year-old Duke of Westminster is richer than them all with an estimated fortune of £9.2bn ($11.94bn). According to the annual Sunday Times Rich List, he is the richest under-30 in England and the ninth richest person in the UK.

Grosvenor became the youngest duke of Westminster when his father, Gerald, died of a heart attack in late 2016. He became head of an aristocratic family that owns 165,000 acres of British countryside, swathes of central London real estate as well as sprawling manors across the world.

After him on the list is Lady Charlotte Wellesley, 26, who married the Colombian-American brewing billionaire Alejandro Domingo, 40, last year. Their fortune is said to be £3.8bn.The first celebrity name on the young list is Adele (£125m) in sixth place followed by golfer Rory McIlroy (£82m).

The first celebrity name on the young list is Adele (£125m) in sixth place followed by golfer Rory McIlroy (£82m).

Daniel Radcliffe tops a good year for Harry Potter actors. The 27-year-old added £4m to his wealth to take his fortune to £78m, while co-stars Emma Watson (£39m) and Rupert Grint (£28m) did not fare too badly.

The remaining One Direction boys each had £40m in the bank after a year of touring, while former member Zayn Malik has to make do with £35m. Gareth Bale (£54m) darted into 11th spot in the list after raking in £20m partly through his £350,000-a-week wages from Real Madrid.

Lesser known names on the list include the sports equipment millionaire Alex Loven who has built an empire out of a Wrexham industrial estate and is worth £27m.

Prestige car dealer Car Hartley, 29, is 40th with £17m, down £3m on last year, catwalk queen turned actress Cara Delevingne topped her value up to £15m, less than one-third of Matt and Casey Topman (£48m) who hit the EuroMillions jackpot last year.

Overall the Sunday Times Rich list was topped by Sri and Gopi Hinduja (£16.2bn), Indian brothers who took over their father's business that originally sold items such as tea and spices. Today their investments cover finance, energy and property.

David and Simon Reuben, the brothers who topped last year's list, are in third place with a combined fortune of £14bn from their property and internet portfolio.