Imagine the scene; you have watched your parents driving their car on the highway. You have your super new set of wheels and a taste of adventure. So of course, you want to take your bike out for a spin on the open road, for that real driving experience, just like Mum and Dad. And that's just what this 3 year old little boy did in Eastern China, before being rescued from a possible serious accident by a police man.

Look away now if you have a nervous disposition, as this real footage shows the fearless child on his bike who is circled in red. Watch as he moves through this very busy road with cars and even buses driving at a fair old speed. Here he neatly swerves past a green bus. Before he heads to a Zebra crossing. Maybe he knows this is where the traffic has to legally stop. Phew he made it.

Luckily a local police officer spotted the child just in time and led him down the street safely.

The little boy was then taken to his grandfather who looks after him, when his parents are at work during the day. He said he was in the toilet when the little boy pedalled off in his car.

The boy's grandfather then shook hands with the policeman,to say thanks for saving his little grandson. Truly a lucky escape for this little boy, he must have had the angels on his side that today.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter