Sherri Dickson, a 51-year-old mother from North Dakota, has given birth to her own granddaughter, by acting as a surrogate for her daughter.

Dickson's daughter, Mandy Stephens, said she and her husband considered several options to have another baby after losing their newborn son, who was born prematurely.

"Some family members came forward and said 'yeah, hey I might be a surrogate.' At first we kind of thought well that's kinda crazy, cool, we started reading about other families that were doing it," Stephens said.

Despite having Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Dickson was chosen as the best candidate for a surrogate. An added bonus of the pregnancy was that Dickson's MS had gone into remission.

"Pregnancy was so easy. I liked being pregnant. I never minded being pregnant and if it was something I could do for her, why not," Dickson said.

Her daughter said she took the whole process in her stride. "She was a rock star and it is not an easy process at all," she said.

Myla was born on July 31 and whilst having your grandma give birth to you might be confusing for the family to explain, they are happy to have this little bundle of joy enter their world.