Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is depicted in a video posted by the Israeli embassy in the US dangerously driving a crowded bus (YouTube)

The Israeli embassy in the US has posted an animated YouTube video mocking Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in the run-up to Thursday's UN General Assembly vote on Palestine status.

In the video, a cartoon of Abbas is depicted dangerously driving a bus crowded with Palestinians on a country road leading to the UN - the implication that he is leading his people to disaster.

He ignores road signs based on statements by Western leaders about the impasse in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

"No peace can be imposed... core issues... must be negotiated. - President Obama, May 19, 2011" reads the first sign, which warns of dangerous cliffs ahead.

"We seek to forge a durable peace - Prime Minister Netanyahu, September 27, 2012," warns the second sign.

"It takes two to negotiate - 15 October 2012, Prime Minister Cameron," reads another warning.

Abbas continues driving, finally pulling up at a crossroad. On his right is the path to the UN, illustrated with images of doom. On his left there is the "road to peace" and a fairytale castle with happy birds flying over the green grass.

"Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has a decision to make. Directly negotiate peace with Israel, or make a bad situation worse," a statement with the video reads.

"Going to the UN General Assembly is a mistake. Israel continues to seek a solution of two states for two peoples - the Jewish state of Israel next to an Arab state of Palestine, side by side in peace and security."

Comments to the video were disabled by YouTube.

Earlier in November, during the escalation of violence in Gaza, Abbas accused Israel of having started a bloodbath to "block our [Palestinian] endeavours to reach the United Nations".

"If Israel doesn't want peace and wants war we have to go to the UN because we want the international community to protect and provide security to our people," said Palestine ambassador to the UK, Manuel Hassassian. He accused Israel of not being interested in negotiations for the independence of Palestine.

UN observer status would give Palestine the possibility of lodging allegations of war crimes with the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

"This is why the US, the UK and the rest of Europe don't want us to be part of the UN - because they are afraid we are going to incriminate [Israeli officials]," Hassassian said.

Abbas is an exponent of the more moderate Hamas opponent movement Fatah in the West Bank.