Alberto Salazar
Alberto Salazar denies all allegations made against him Getty

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has confirmed it is to join American counterparts US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in investigating allegations of doping violations involving Alberto Salazar following the broadcast of a Panorama documentary on 3 June.

Salazar, who coaches Britain's double Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah at the Nike Oregon Project, has been subject to intense scrutiny of late and last week released a detailed open letter denying the accusations.

"The World Anti-Doping Agency has confirmed that USADA and UKAD are investigating the relevant allegations in the recent Panorama programme," UKAD's chief executive, Nicole Sapstead, said in a statement.

"As with all of our ongoing investigations, UKAD will not disclose any details, to protect the privacy of everyone involved, and so we do not undermine our own operations of deterring and detecting doping in sport.

"We will follow our usual procedure; if a prosecution is brought we will publish the outcome on our website once due process – including any appeals – has been completed."

Sapstead confirmed that the details of UKAD's investigation would not be made public if it did not lead to any further action being taken.

She added: "However, if at the end of the investigation there is no resulting prosecution, UKAD will not publish the details. This is because we have a duty to protect the rights of those involved, and any information gathered in the investigation may be important to our work at a later date.

"UKAD's job is to protect clean athletes and sport in the UK. We work closely with all those on our registered testing pool to assist them in meeting their reporting responsibilities. We have a dedicated athlete support officer whose primary role is to provide assistance to athletes, including regular contact with each athlete and their national governing body. Our athlete support officer also ensures their anti-doping knowledge is reviewed and refreshed before a major games.

"Our mission is to protect everyone's right to clean sport, especially those athletes who choose to follow, defend and respect the anti-doping rules. Athletes and support personnel can support our work and ensure their sport is protected by continuing to share their concerns with us, however small, directly or anonymously via Report Doping in Sport."