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Round 6 of the World chess championship between reigning champion Viswanathan Anand and World No 1 Magnus Carlsen will take place at Hyatt Regency Chennai, India, on Saturday.

Where to Watch Live

Play starts at 9:30am GMT. Live coverage of Game 6 will be available on the official FIDE website.


The first four rounds of the World chess championship ended in draw before the Norwegian pulled a victory in Game 5. Carlsen now leads the championship 3-2 and is the favourite to beat Anand for the prestigious chess title.

The 22-year-old chess prodigy sealed a win in Game 5 after Anand's careless move - 13... Bc7 - resulting in him losing the first game of the competition. With seven games to go, the odds are against the local veteran to retain the title.

Anand would be looking to put up a brilliant display on Saturday in order to get back into the competition and stop Carlsen from extending the lead. In the title defence match in 2012, he had lost Game 7 to opponent Boris Gelfand of Israel, going down 3-4 in the points table.

But the gritty Indian grand master, who has held the world championship since 2007, stormed back into the match with a win in Game 8. He won in 17 moves, which was a record in the history of the world championship, and eventually retained the title.

The question is, if the ageing champion can do an encore of that stupendous performance, especially as Carlsen is seen to be a tougher opponent than Gelfand.

The remaining matches take place from today to 26 November. If the match remains tied after Game 12 on the final day, tie-break games will be played on 28 November. Meanwhile, there would be rest days after Game 6, 8, 10 and 11.

What They Say

Viswanathan Anand: "Something went wrong in the opening. I made one illogical move after the next and then I missed something with this knight move. And then I was just basically lost. I am sure he had many wins in what he played."

"Towards the endgame it was a little bit scary in this four rooks endgame but finally when I gave a check on a8 and then moved my rook, I was safe."

Magnus Carlsen: "It feels good. It was good fighting game. It got messy at times. I got there in the end. I am very very happy about that."

What Experts Say

Abhijeet Gupta: "Anand must recover and go for a win quickly in the next few games. For in the later stage Carlsen armed with a lead may make things difficult for Anand."

Susan Polgar: "Anand has bounced back after trailing in the past. He will have white in the next 2 games. Crucial moment for him. As they say 'past performance does not guarantee future results.' Jokes aside, the vast match experience that Vishy has is certainly a significant plus for him."