HTC One X can be updated to Jelly Bean through official leak. XDA Developers

Jelly Bean firmware (with HTC Sense 4+) for HTC's One X was leaked earlier this month. The leak for the Nvidia Tegra 3-powered smartphone, however, was not of much use for the general public after issues were highlighted while updating HBoot with S-On.

The ROM was then released for developers, who have since admitted a number of other features were also malfunctioning; these included data reception and cell signals. However, promises were made about a solution and a method to flash the leak with losing the older unlocked bootloader.

The progress now is that XDA senior member stuart0001 has released a script, which allows users to access the leaked Jelly Bean without difficulty. In addition, One X users will now be able to return to the stock ROM or install RUUs easily. A few features are:

  • Displays users' CID
  • Lock Bootloader
  • Update Jelly Bean firmware in HBoot 1.28
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Flash custom ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery
  • Flash boot.img

However, developer warnings include the loss of internal data, meaning a complete back-up of information stored on the device is advisable.

One X users have only to download and extract Jelly Bean ROM's zip and then run JBFWFlasher.bat. From then on, all they have to do is follow on-screen instructions.

However, in case users find they have to install CWM Recovery separately after running the Jelly Bean firmware, they are advised to run CWM + BootIMG.bat. To download the Jelly Bean easy installer, head check out this thread - download.

Remember, though, this leaked Jelly Bean ROM does not work with all variants of the One X. It is compatible only with certain CID numbered One X devices. The compatible CIDs include:

  • Cidnum: HTC_001
  • Cidnum: HTC_E11
  • Cidnum: HTC_203
  • Cidnum: HTC_102
  • Cidnum: HTC_405
  • Cidnum: HTC_Y13
  • Cidnum: HTC_A07
  • Cidnum: HTC_304
  • Cidnum: HTC_M27
  • Cidnum: HTC_032
  • Cidnum: HTC_016
  • Cidnum: HTC_J15

To identify the device's CID, One X users may download CID Getter from the app store. The number listed on top of the app screen is the CID. If this method does not reveal the number, try this command in fastboot - fastboot oem readcid.