Hollywood glam couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are enjoying their stay at Surrey. In fact, they're so in love with it all they threw a party for close friends and order £3,000 worth of curry! It turned out the duo was celebrating Jolie's 37th birthday at an Indian restaurant.

"The staff couldn't believe it when Brad and Angelina Jolie walked in - they'd been given no prior warning. There were five friends and two of their bodyguards there and they ordered a mountain of food and alcohol. It might seem hard to believe that they ran up a bill of nearly £3,000 at a normal curry house but they are really generous and extravagant," a source told The Sun.

Apparently the couple provided a generous £733.75 tip. The thrilled staff asked the couple if they could take photographs with them but the star couple declined, saying they would do so another time.

"They said that they were just relaxing and would do one next time they came in," an insider explained.

Meanwhile, arch-rivals Jennifer Aniston and Jolie are planning a lunch date. Apparently, Aniston sent flowers to Jolie when she announced her engagement to the former Friends star's ex, Pitt. Jolie, who is now shooting her next film - Maleficent - called Aniston to thank her and that eventually led to an invitation for lunch in London.

"Jen and Angelina have hated each other for years, and they've each thought long and hard about what they'd say if they ever got face to face. Angelina will be going on the attack about Jen always playing the victim - and Jen is going to blast back at Angie for being Hollywood's great husband stealer," said a friend of Aniston's to Entertainment Wise.

Aniston and Pitt divorced in 2005 amidst rumours he was dating Jolie and just weeks after their divorce, Pitt went public with his relationship regarding his relationship Jolie. Since then the couple has been avoiding Aniston and vice versa.

Incidentally, as all men in his position must be, Pitt is reportedly not very happy with the idea of the lunch date!